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Posted By: SharonA
16-Aug-01 - 02:35 PM
Thread Name: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Subject: RE: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Up near the top of this thread, GUEST said, "This website and its owner welcome anonymous guests, so what makes you feel that you have the 'right' to treat them rudely?" [punctuation corrected by me]

My observation has been that the GUESTs who are treated rudely are the ones who set the tone by their own rudeness and thus invite the treatment they receive. Other GUESTs, who have treated others with respect in their posts, have been treated respectfully.

Although anonymous GUESTs are welcomed to the website, behaviors such as flaming, trolling and spamming are not (as indicated in this site's FAQ).

GUEST,Dorothy Parker's Evil Twin advocates saying something rather than just talking. That's admirable... but insults are neither admirable nor welcome. I see that it took over 17 hours for Ebbie to get a civil answer to a civil question (i.e. what is Fast Food Nation about?) from a civil GUEST, while Dorothy Parker's Evil Twin wasted no time in hurling yet another insult. D.P's.E.T., the only "something" I see you "saying" is something that provokes negative emotion rather than positive thought. The only "excess" I see you "championing" there is excess rudeness.

GUEST says, "There is no condoning the negative behavior we see regularly directed towards (anonymous GUESTs)." By the same token, there is no condoning the negative behavior we see regularly directed toward Mudcat members by some, not all, GUESTs.