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Posted By: MMario
14-Aug-01 - 01:17 PM
Thread Name: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Subject: RE: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Neither does it condone the negative behavior of many many many anonymous guests towards others.

YOU can address me by name. I cannot address you by name. I cannot even address you by any kind of consistent psuedonym. That in itself in todays society is considered rude. It is PROVEN to be inflamatory on this forum.

Yet *YOU* claim that it is MY actions that cause the problem. Suppossedly it is *I* that cannot deal with the realities of the situation? My god, the manipulitive behaviors over the past few weeks - attributed repeatedly to "cliques" "inner core", etc derive from one apparent source - and anyone who bothers to trace the various machianations knows what that source is.

And to repeatedly refer to someone who CHOSE to leave (and who has since posted a number of times) as being "driven away" given that that person has FAR less leveled at them then many who are still here and posting under their own names is again nothing less then deliberate inflamatory behaviour.

Whether or not YOU committed that behaviour readers of this forum cannot tell. Why? Because you refuse to sign any kind of consistent name to your postings. Again - the ability to do something does not mean that it is correct, proper, wise or polite.

and d*mn but you've managed to push my trigger again! But I'm leaving this post as it is; That you disagree with me I don't care. But to use the analogy of shoes being left at the door that has been mentioned before - yes, you are dragging mud through a place I frequent - and out of respect for myself, the owner and the other users, I will call you on it. Do I have the right to kick you out? No. Do I have any right to tell you to stop it? No. Do I have any right to complain? Yes!

You know - I have watched people being crisped by flamers - mostly anonymous flamers - though occasionally doppelgangers - on this forum for years. with one exception each and every time those people have been accused of behavior of which I exhibit. But I have never even come close to being persecuted in that manner - over a span of 5 years. (Not that I have any desire for it to happen) - Now, if the flaming of the individuals is due to the behavior - as claimed - then why are not the other frequent posters who exhibit the behavior also being flamed? Given the number and frequency of my postings that I have not had this happen HAS to mean that the flame bearers are selecting individual targets. Otherwise the sheer weight of the law of averages means I should be hiding behind aesbestos!

The only thing I have ever been brought to task for is a dislike of "anonymous guest" posters. I admit to that - it is damn hard to talk to anyone without having a focal point of any kind. To talk to a blank guest is like having to have a conversation with someone in another place - whose voice not only comes back to you randomly from all directions - but via computer generated speech so you cannot even tell if you are talking to one person, multiple people or a tape recorder. I really do have nothing against anonymity - but please, please, please for courtesy's sake give me something to focus on while we "talk"

I *DO* have (and admit to having) a STRONG and ACTIVE dislike for anyone who will come in and perform "slash and burn" activity without a consistent identity of some kind. I feel is is cowardly and despicable behavior - not to mention a little sickening.

Look - I do believe that you should be able to post anonymously - however - the use of a consistent psuedonym in no way whatsoever prevents anonymity. (Either on this forum or as an internet user.) Neither I nor anyone else on this forum needs to know one true fact about "you" as an individual.

This is a discussion forum. You acknowledge that for some, possibly many, anonymous postings are uncomfortable to deal with. The logistics of trying to have a discussion with anonymous posters has been mentioned - most work arounds are extemely awkward. Could you explain to me why anyone would want to come back repeatedly to somewhere where their presence causes awkward and uncomfortable feelings UNLESS THEY PREFER TO CAUSE SUCH FEELINGS AMONG OTHERS? (which becomes by definition trolling)

At least that is what it looks like from this side.


I said something of this sort to someone a while back; I cannot concieve of why anyone would WANT to enter a discussion forum and deliberately stir up trouble. Especially when that individual (if anonymous guest you are an individual and not a collective of disgruntled posters ~ as sometimes has been claimed by an anonymous poster in the past) appears to have sense, intellect and a lively wit which could be brought to bear on subjects that are NOT hurtful, inflammatory or divisive.