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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
14-Aug-01 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Subject: RE: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
I agree with Snuffy that most of this nonsense comes from one nasty person who uses the forum for sport...

But I'm curious about three things:

1) How does he keep all his personas straight? Does he have an index card system, or papers hanging near his computer of the characteristics of each personality? You know, the young, ditzy, shallow personality that talks like a valley girl or the naive newbie that asks questions or the bland one that makes not very astute assumptions that steer the readers' thinking toward totally irrelevant topics or the people that post over and over stating the same opinion in order to make it appear a popular topic or just the timing of some posts in order to keep the pot stirred. He often slips up in using key phrases and mixing personas.

2) I wonder if he would volunteer to be interviewed (anonymously of course) by a reporter or a 60 minutes-type expose (accent over the e)? Kinda like those criminals that like to show off how they broke the law. I know some newspaper reporters that would interview such a person.

3) I'm always reminded of the Johnny Carson skit "Does a Jerk (or was it Nerd) really know he's a jerk?" And then he would list all the symtoms. Kinda like "You may be a redneck...jokes."

hmmmmmm...This would be a good thread for Jon's forum.

Jon, I've also thought of other topics that could be debated ad infinitum, and I could learn a lot, but I really don't have the time to moderate.