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Posted By: GUEST
14-Aug-01 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Subject: RE: Guest Fairies Welcome Here
Now MMario,

This website and it's owner welcome anonymous guests, so what makes you feel that you have the "right" to treat them rudely?

Anonymous guests are not "standing on their "right" to anonymous postings" they are merely choosing one log-on option of three offered at Mudcat.

This isn't about "rights" at all. Its about welcoming all users whether you agree with the log-on choice they exercise or not, and treating them fairly and equitably.

Again, the "problem" some people on Mudcat like you keep having over this is yours--not Max's, not the forum's, and certainly not the anon. guests.

I understand and appreciate the discomfort some of you feel when encountering anon. guest postings, but there is no condoning the negative behavior we see regularly directed towards them.