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Posted By: Whistle Stop
13-Aug-01 - 07:55 AM
Thread Name: Dylan overrated?You've got to be kidding
Subject: RE: Dylan overrated?You've got to be kidding
I think he is one of the greatest songwriters who have ever lived, notwithstanding the fact that he has put out his share of crap along the way. And I think his voice is one of the most expressive out there (with some lapses along the way). As good as his songwriting is, I would still rather hear him do his own songs than hear them done by others in most cases.

But Rick, WHY do you think he's a good guitar player? I've heard all his records through the mid-70's (own most of them), and a lot of what he's put out since; I've seen him live (twice), and seen him perform on television and in various films. Can't say I've ever heard any guitar playing out of him that impressed me, and when his ego gets the better of him and he tries to play lead guitar, the results are generally pretty awful. I'm willing to be enlightened -- can you give me a clue?