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Posted By: Rick Fielding
10-Aug-01 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Chromatic Harp, Pedal Steel, diabolical!
Subject: RE: Chromatic Harp, Pedal Steel, diabolical!
Nope Roger.....I SUCK....big time!'s back in the box where it belongs. Actually I'm pretty mediocre on quite a few instruments that I've attempted to learn.

Whenever I'd get the urge to experiment with something new (like a sax, steel drum, or even an ocarina that I bought on Portobello Road) I wasn't kidding myself or anyone else that I could actually PLAY these things. Just learned how to improvise a bit with 12 bar blues patterns in one or two keys. It was (and is) simply for fun. Two instruments that I HAVE worked hard on this year are (Southern style) fiddle and single key melodeon. I'm gettin' around OK on both, but have a long way to go, to say that I actually PLAY the instruments. One thing that I NEVER forget is that because of my lack of progeny, I have more spare time than most to fool around with the instruments!

Murray, that sounds like an interesting harp. I may try and hunt one down.

By the way folks, thanks so much for all the neat feedback here. I'm enjoying this. We may not be controversial....but folks interested in peddlers and chromaticists are definitely an underappreciated minority!