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Posted By: Grab
08-Aug-01 - 10:18 AM
Thread Name: Chromatic Harp, Pedal Steel, diabolical!
Subject: RE: Chromatic Harp, Pedal Steel, diabolical!
Sorcha, organ's great fun. Just recently we house-sat for a friend's dad while they all went to my friend's brother's wedding. Anyway, he's a serious organist - he's training on the organ in the local cathedral, and has a 2-keyboard-plus-pedals electric one at home. It's so much fun being able to use your feet to keep the baseline going, instead of having to fake it with your left hand! Not that I was very good at it (only having a day and a half to play with it :-), but it was damn good fun all the same.

Maybe I need to try out a pedal steel... :-)