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Posted By: Bill D
07-Aug-01 - 05:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: What isn't Folk?
Subject: RE: BS: What isn't Folk?
since someone has refreshed this, let me add a thought that has been buzzing about in my head recently...

I like categories and structure, as you can see from my attempts to make some sense out of the 'definition' problem...others don't.

But the point is: Definitions and categories are NOT necessary, and even if you use them, can be totally subjective...*as long as they are for YOU--privately* If you wish to categorize your songs, records...etc., by key signatues, age of the composer, color of the record jacket or "songs that make me cry" and "songs that don't"...that is fine! Many folks just have a list of "songs I like" and that is enough for them.

BUT...when songs, (or anything else), need to be sorted and filed and located, like books in a library, they need a system that is coherent, regular and understandable!

For books we had the Dewey Decimal System...then The Library of Congress System...and librarians 'try' to assign #s that will allow anyone to go the shelves and find material easily.

Hows about we all run down to the Library of Congress and see just what books are in the 'folk music' section? Hmmmm?....are the Beatles there? Woodie?...will the "Life of Loreena McKinnet" be there when it is written?...maybe...maybe not!

Now, the question of whether a web site and/or a database conforms to a regular system, is, as they say, another matter..*weak smile*..

The Library of Congress is a managed, 'moderated' database, just as our database is..(by Dick & Susan)...the forum is NOT moderated as to musical structure, which pleases some and displeases others....but the fact that we have an eclectic bunch here that KNOWS a lot about music, does NOT make categories disappear..........