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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
07-Aug-01 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Celtic music on 5 string banjo
Subject: RE: Celtic music on 5 string banjo
Whenever I find myself (for whatever bizzare reason) wanting a plectrum/tenor banjo to wham away on... I save myself the money and a trip to the music store, and capo my old Vega Folkmaster 5-ping up to oh, the 5th or 7th fret or so, hook the 5th string under the head of an HO model railroad spike driven in the fingerboard just upstream from the 10th fret (an old Pete SEEGER trick) pour myself another beer, and scrubba-dubba / ringgading-do!!! Bring on the riverboats!

The only advantage I see to the sawed-off 4-ping is that when playing in those snazzy little jazz-bands they all seem to compulsively wear those nattie flat-topped straw skimmer hats and sit real close together... the longer necked 5-er might knock the guys hat off to your left, or jab him in the ear, either one of which could prove distracting. Fortunately, it seems that us "Folk Artistes" like to spread ourselves out a little more.

Back in the '60s I lusted mightilly for one of those "long-neck" Vegas.. You really had to be a "loner" to pick onnea those dandies on stage... but later realized that the same effect could be achieved without the compromise of so much precious real-estate yby simply simply cranking down the strings a couple of steps. Duuuh!?