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Posted By: Naemanson
04-Aug-01 - 07:32 AM
Thread Name: Help: UK Catter at Risk
Subject: RE: Help: UK Catter at Risk
Friend, you have to stay involved. You have to be supportive and you have to protect yourself. All this has been said above and all stands firm.

Sometimes what is needed from a friend, a true friend, is to be smacked up side of the head. Not so long ago I was so deeply depressed I was talking of suicide to a dear friend. I too planned to make it look like an accident. She very gently, but firmly, told me that if I took that route she would tell the authorities I had planned it that way and then my family would be out the insurance money I wanted them to have plus they would have the stigma of knowing I had left them on purpose. It undercuts the determination a little.

I'm not saying to do this. Each situation is unique. But it worked for me. I got myself to a counselor and started trying various antidepressants. I am doing much better now that I have my little pink happy pills.