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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Jul-01 - 09:01 PM
Thread Name: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
Subject: PermaThreadô Unanswered Requests
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This is a PermaThreadô controlled by Burke and by Joe Offer. Note that all messages posted here are subject to deletion or editing.
Burke Posted this message in another thread, and I think it's a good idea.
-Joe Offer-
Subject: RE: Non-Music threads thoughts
From: GUEST,Burke (using a new browser)
Date: 12-Jul-01 - 06:30 PM

Here's a permathread idea. Call it Unfilled or Open requests. Once a Lyr Req has been refreshed a couple of times with no results, put a note in the Unfilled thread with a link to the request. Then new people or people who've been away can find what still needs looking for.

We might want the person with the request to be the one to add it to the thread, just so we don't spend too much time on something they aren't that interested in. Guests, especially would need to indicate a willingness to check back for answers.

If you see an unanswered music request thread that's at the end of the Forum Menu and ready to drop off the menu, post a link to it (or the URL for the thread) in this thread. Be sure to give the name of the song being sought. As time goes on, we'll work out a system of maintaining this PermaThreadô - in the meantime, I'll just delete your links when I see they've been answered.
-Joe Offer-

Please post lyrics in the original request threads, not here.

From Burke:

Here I was, thinking about how to work out the details of my suggestion. Instead it has taken on a life of it's own. Obviously it was an idea waiting to happen.

Post the answer to the original thead & a note that it's been answered here.

I'd like to see some kind of way to make sure the requested information is still needed. I don't want to try to judge how important a request is to someone, but I'd hate to see a lot of time spent on something of only passing interest to the questioner.

Maybe after a request has been refreshed a few times we could ask if an extended search is desired. If the reply is yes anyone can list it here, since the person with the question might not know how to make the link.

I think I'd also like to see time limits listed if they apply. If the reqest if for a wedding 2 months from now, I think we'd want to know that after that it can be deleted.

What about including a date of initial request, date of addition to this thread, or some other time stamp in the link? Someone who keeps up on this thread will be able to check the most recent postings. If the lists are consolidated from time to time, a date will help us see what we might not have checked yet.

I have no idea where the answers might turn up. My thought is that someone who knows the answer may just be gone for a few days & would normally miss it. Now they can check here. New folks can check it out.

If I did this correctly, you can copy the text below & just replace the threadid from the desired thread.

<a href=/thread.cfm?threadid=19340>Click here</a>

Check out our new feature: Unanswered Requests