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Posted By: Big Mick
13-Jul-01 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: SPAM: it's amazing how it's really works!!
Subject: RE: it's amazing how it's really works!!
In fact, Joe, that is usually why someone would want a moderated forum. I am in the business of dealing with motives. Those that scream for a moderator usually do so because something doesn't fit with THEIR view of what it should be. They can't deal with real intellectual freedom because it challenges the neat little box that their world exists in. I have long maintained that their is only one thing that is important here in our little village. And that is that we respect the place. But that we do it without changing its essential flavor. Mudcat has never been a music site and with any luck it never will be. One of its components is the music site and that is the Digital Tradition. In my view, Mudcat is a community of folks who are joined by their love of music. It is around that love of music we came together. Now that we are here, we discuss many topics, have squabbles, have lovefests, create/lose friendships, get together for music, fight over issues of the other words we exist in our community. It must work, because we get new members every day. The beauty of this place is that we get the input on this stuff from many countries, many cultures, and from every personality type. It's amazing how it really works.