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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Jul-01 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: SPAM: it's amazing how it's really works!!
Subject: RE: it's amazing how it's really works!!
Clinton, thank you for your remarks. Whether you agree or not, there is serious, intelligent thinking that goes behind the decisions we make. We try very hard to have a free, civil, friendly tone of discussion here. We want people to feel that they can say what they think, without worrying about whether their comments will be deemed unacceptable and deleted. It may be a novel concept, but we expect Mudcatters to act like adults, without us having to control them.
If somebody posts a Spam or flame message and 123 Mudcatters reply to it before I get a chance to delete it, all of those 123 replies make no sense without the message they're responding to. Therefore, I usually leave it up, and I probably tend to disagree with Pene's decision to delete this one at the beginning of this thread.
We delete messages very sparingly because we like the idea of free, uncensored discussion. One major reason we delete messages is to avoid 100-message flame wars. If the hundred messages have already been posted, what's the use of deleting the first one.
The primary reason for our "aversion to moderation" is that we like to have freedom of expression here. A secondary reason is that we don't want to be babysitters. If we let it be known that we're in the censorship business, my mailbox will be flooded with requests for deleting this offensive message or another, or protests against our deletion of something. So, the policy is that we delete messages only when we absolutely have to. We ask all Mudcatters to help us combat Spam and flaming by refusing to respond to Spam and flames.
-Joe Offer-