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Posted By: NightWing
10-Jul-01 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bear Encounters Part Two
Subject: RE: BS: Bear Encounters Part Two
Although it happened to me, I have to tell my bear story second-hand. I was only one or two years old.

My folks tell me about going to Yellowstone when I was one or two (early '60's). Evidently Mom and Dad both turned around simultaneously in different parts of their campsite to see toddler-me CHASING a beer cub that had wandered by. Their differing reactions were unsurprising, knowing them. Dad came racing forward to grab me; Mom took a couple photos.

The first photo has me toddling toward the bear cub, which is scurrying away. You can just see my dad's hand entering the frame as he runs to scoop me up.

In the second, Dad has grabbed me up and is backing toward Mom (toward the car). In the background, the bear cub is running away just as fast as its little legs can move.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Until Mom and Dad change their minds. But the pics are there.