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Posted By: rangeroger
10-Jul-01 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bear Encounters Part Two
Subject: RE: BS: Bear Encounters Part Two
Deckman mentioned backpacking in the Olympic mountains.

In the Fall of 1980 I drove to the Olympics from San Diego in my 67 AH-Sprite.I had just gotten it running again after a major rebuild and was recovering from the loss of my one true love.She had run off with a mining engineer from Utah.

I parked the Sprite at the trail head up the Dosewallips River and proceeded out on my first solo backpack trip.Three days into the trip I was nearing the top of Anderson Pass and came to a place called Marmot Lake.It was perched on a bench several acres in size and was gorgeous.

I decided to spend the next day as a layover day and just enjoy the scenery.A doe and her fawn were around,(had to shoo them off the trail the day before so I could get by) and the lake was surrounded by acres of ripe blueberries.I figured it was time for a bath so I got my pan of water from the lake,dutifully moved 100 yards away from the lake,and proceeded to lather up and rinse off.Well, the sun felt so good,and I felt so refreshed I decided to continue to spend the rest of the day butt naked.I mean, there was no one around so it would be OK.

I also thought that those ripe bluberries would make a mighty fine dessert that evening if marinated in my supply of Grand Marnier.Conveniently stored in a plastic container in my backpack.So off I went picking blueberries,stark naked.After awhile of intense blueberry picking,I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.When I stood up and looked,it was a large black bear about 20-30 yards away from me.He stopped and stared at me and then went back to his blueberry picking.

It was an amazing sight to watch.I never realized how big a bears tongue is.This one was about 18 inches long,and he used it like a scythe.He would sweep his head to one side as he walked,and at the end of his sweep the tongue would slurp into his mouth with it's load of blueberries,then extend again as the head swept back the other direction.

I watched him for about 30-45 minutes as he and I both collected berries.

He finally disappeared into the woods and I poured Grand Marnier over my berries and let them soak all afternoon.

It was a grand dessert for a grand day.


PS. His turds were huge and solid blue.