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Posted By: Abby Sale
09-Jul-01 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: Bronson tunes - Child Ballads
Subject: RE: Bronson's tunes
Bill D: I did that. Thing is, I'd been craving the things since they were first announced. A few years later my wife bought me vol.s I & II as a present - a full $25.00 each, a fortune for a book then! Someone ripped then off though, & we've been saddened ever since. Finally we did get them all from Inter-library Loan and set off to Office Depot & did the whole thing. Made a special deal with the manager re the cost per page since it was so much. Took weeks and weeks but I am indeed pleased and use it regularly. Punched holes & put them in loose-leaf so if anyone needs a fax of a particular song, just ask.

Thing is, there's no place on the Web to get this as there might be 25 or 50 tunes for a song. Or just one. Last I heard, though, both President Taylor of Edinburgh and Dick Greenhaus were independently (I couldn't get them to cooperate on it) doing them all up in simple midi. That's all you'd need. They'd each done the major part of them last I heard from them.

As to Child, the full Dover 5-volume is easily available through all the online used book & auction places. About $200, I believe. But I strongly recommend getting the Sargent/Kittridge abbreviated version (copyright 1904 & 1932 - I think the 1932 has some important revisions) I bought mine new in 1959, recently published by Houghton Mifflin of Boston, no date. It has all but 5 songs, a good intro, all of Child's notes and an excellent glossary. It basically covers all the "A" versions, most of the B's and a few C's or D's. I checked recently and noone seemed to think it had any value & was generally available at $8 to $25 at auction. It has never left my desk since I bought it.

If you get any of these, be sure to get the right edition. There are several books that are similarly titled. (Both Bronson and Child published other stuff, obviously.)