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Posted By: clansfolk
08-Jul-01 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Old 4 track reel to reel tapes
Subject: RE: Help: Old 4 track reel to reel tapes
Stanley Park is Wet!!! and just around the corner!!

check if you have an aux input on the sound card the mic uses a pre amp and as usual they are rubish!

Once on the sound card - use Soundforge or similar to brighten an clean up the recording it should reach a standard equal to or slightly better than the original when played on the reel to reel

A problem that often happens with old tapes is that the oxide comes off the tape onto the heads of the Tape deck making the sound dull - make sure the heads are clean (and demagnitised if possible)

Any recordings done should be direct not via a microphone - does the Tape deck have a line level output? (aux out??) if it does use it - if not - unless you have some technical abilities it will cause a problem....

If you let me know what you have available I will try and advise the best way to use it -

a friend of mine now records all his bits and bobs onto Video Tapes - the quality is extremely good (getting near to mini disk) tapes are cheap and can last upto 5hrs (longer in extended play) great for archiving off air recordings! (and with timer recordings he never misses his favourite radio programs whilst away!!) - lateral thinking!!