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Posted By: Rick Fielding
06-Jul-01 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Subject: RE: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Sorry for your concern dear Bonnie, but this had turned into a good "nerd" thread (and I didn't even have to start it!). Seems there are been quite a few of us on Mudcat who have that "special" relationship with our instruments.

I'd like to centre out Kendall (who gets centred out at least once a week) 'cause I've noticed just HOW much his Taylor means to him. I don't remember if I've joined in when we've been kidding him about his pronouncements on various guitar makes (all of which are totally wrong by the way!!!) but he's got a very special relationship with that Taylor and it shows. I haven't had that kind of feeling about my last two instruments....and I WANT it again! So consequently I continue to look. In pawnshops, music stores, and anywhere guitars show up. It's kind of like searching for a NEW Holy Grail........always with the thought that you HAD the real thing at one time......and like a fool, sold it. It's simply a little game (I mean, try thinking how you'd explain ninety percent of this thread to your grandparents), but boy can the game get interesting at times!

Anyone got an Epiphone Texan lyin' around the house that they're not using?