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Posted By: catspaw49
05-Jul-01 - 09:27 PM
Thread Name: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Subject: RE: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Mick reminds me that although the Guild is "benchmark" instrument and all, when I said above that things may not come with a name or when you expect them..................

I have had several fine and big name guitars including Martin, Guild, Gibson, etc. and although Rick has had more stolen than I, I think percentage wise, we're about equal in the theft department. After one of those thefts, I was left with nothing so I went out and bought "something" to play. A local store where I was living at the time had a Takemine of the "Martin sues Takemine" period. It looked, sounded, and played pretty well, much like a good D-18 Martin and the store was going out of business and sold it to me for about a hundred bucks. No case, so I threw it in a gig bag that hadn't been stolen and figured it would "do" until something great came along. Over 20 years later, I have treated her poorly, never bought a case for her (although I did get a new gig bag), and while I worked my way though a succession of Martins and others, the Tak was always what I went back to and what I still have. It's a wonderful instrument and she's always ready for a tune and still seems to love me after such poor treatment. I can't imagine not having this wonderful guitar.

You never know..........Don't press it.