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Posted By: BobP
05-Jul-01 - 12:56 PM
Thread Name: Jokes about Musicians
Subject: RE: Jokes about Musicians
Once upon a time Art Thieme was on his way to a gig when he heard a strange noise under the hood.

He slowed down and the noise stopped, so okay he thought, but then cars were passing him and he was worried about going so slow.

On his CB, it them days, he picked up a conversation and it turned out to be Al and Bobby Unser who were right on his rear and late for their next race.

Art picks up the mic, explains his problem and asks why they don't pass.

They respond that they tend to drive cautiously because public roads are so scary; and rarely pass, preferring not to draw attention or send a bad messages to their fans.

Then, they offered to help.

At the next rest stop Al checks under the hood and discovers a package of pastrami causing the problem.

Art, it turned out, put it there to heat for lunch and had forgot about it.

So he sang a few tunes and they all enjoyed sandwiches and then headed back to the road.

They waved so long as they pulled out passing Art who was still packing up his guitar.

Out on the highway Art picks up a new conversation and recognizes the voices . . .

"That Thieme fellow's okay; can't say much for his pastrami, but as a folksinger, he's unserpassed. Ohhhhhhnoooooo!!!!!! punsterpunishment