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Posted By: catspaw49
05-Jul-01 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Subject: RE: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Happens with everything and sometimes never happens too. funny thing how so many of us impart life to inanimate objects, but it's true that some of those "things" do have a life of their own and they too pick and choose. Anything where you find yourself passionately involved is likely to evoke those same emotions and though you may find several "pals" as you go along and you may develop "relationships," that "perfect match" may come along today, tomorrow, of never. More importantly, it may not be the "name" that you were expecting and even it may not be absolutely perfect.

I can't emphasize enough that an instrument is not the only thing that hits us this way and anything we are passionately involved with can cause it. Also, to be "great" doesn't mean you must have that realtionship with the object and indeed some never's all a mindset thing at times.

A lot of racers feel something toward a particular car as opposed to another of any car they've ever driven, yet one of the best ever, Bill Vukovich who won twice at Indy, upon seeing the car that he would drive to those two victories, commented, "I can drive that pig." So much for "relationships".....................