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Posted By: Rick Fielding
05-Jul-01 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Subject: RE: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Dear Bonnie. I remember telling you that once you embraced music in a truly emotional way, many doors will be yours for the opening. Well one of the doors, that VERY few choose to open (you appear to have) leads to the most bizzare (to civilians) co-dependancy between musician and instrument. As you well know I am a classic case of this rather humorous syndrome. Our instruments take on lives of their own, and consequently we relate to them as we do friends, lovers, casual acquaintances and yes, even enemies.

We agonize over things like "perfect action, string guaging, weight, feel, even placement of fifth string peg! (remember my old five stringer?) When we play badly, we can easily put the blame on that particular instrument. When we play well, we attribute it to that instrument...or , if we've already decided on "divorce" we figure we "beat the instrument's drawbacks".

It's totally silly to anyone who feels we should just "shut up and play", but if it "feels" real, it is.

A year and a half ago I bought a nice old D-35-HB. Powerful instrument, looked good, no problems.....except that I never got comfortable with it. I actually had guilt feelings about selling it!

For twenty years I played a gorgeous 1929 Deluxe Vega Tubaphone. One day someone offered me a huge amount of money for it. I succumbed. Pure greed, nuthin' else. I LOVED that banjo, and have never found another one like it.

My much talked about 60s Epiphone Texan met the same fate. Sold to pay the rent to a guy who had neither timing nor passion. I hated myself for losing something so dear to me, simply because I couldn't manage my money. Obviously I still think about it.

My suggestion to you is don't agonize over not bonding with the Bart Reiter. Sell it. Now. I've played it, it's a good instrument that someone else will treasure, and you'll get most of your money out of it. Keep looking. You'll find that SPECIAL instrument. Seriously, it's like love at first sight, and it will play your music beautifully. When you find it, NEVER let it go.


P.S. Being a "lifer" is weird but verrrrry interesting!