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Posted By: Little Neophyte
05-Jul-01 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
Subject: RE: Thought I Bought The Perfect Instrument
I think much of my dilemma came from being too anxious to find something really special. Rushing the process. Accepting other's impressions and the reputation of this instrument's maker.
But I am in a good position. From what I understand Bart Reiter is not making anymore tubaphones or whyte ladies so that might increase its value. At least I will not lose too much on a resale. It is in excellent condition.
Willie O, you make a good point, I'll have to take it out from under the bed and play it some to avoid the cost of neglect.
Jon, it really comes down to the fact I never bonded to the thing. Its fancy shmancy and all but its missing personality.
Kendall my ex-mates don't get thrown under the bed, they end up thrown out the window.