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Posted By: Bill D
08-Dec-98 - 09:07 PM
Thread Name: Folk-Legacy et al
Subject: RE: Folk Legacy et al
MY favorite Folk-Legacy story is a teasing reminder to them.*grin*...they came to the Washington Getaway... maybe 17-18 years ago, and being one who is compulsively early to everything, I was there when they arrived..."Did you bring records?" I asked.."Why, sure" they said..and they unloaded them. They were up to maybe 60 or 70?? at that time, and they had brought 2 (that's TWO!) of each item! Well, being first in line, I grabbed..and it worked out fine for me..but some items are more popular than others...*smile*, and by dark on Friday evening, pickins were pretty slim...our crowd was record-hungry bunch. I teased them about that once or twice since.

(However, to be fair, if they HAD brought enough of everything, they might not have had room for clothes and guitar..*wink*...and they DID provide a lot of great singing and company, so we forgave 'em...and invited them back..)