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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Dec-98 - 08:17 PM
Thread Name: Folk-Legacy et al
Subject: RE: Folk Legacy et al
Yeah, Sandy, I suppose we did start to sound a bit like Madison Avenue there. Still and all, you sell good stuff and you do a good job selling it, and you've very nice about it. Consider yourselves to be patted on the back. Actually, though, if you have to know the truth, it's your wife we're complimenting, not you. You're OK, but she's downright wonderful.
When I e-mailed Rounder to suggest that they reissue the Redpath/Neustadt gospel album on CD, I got a reply that they did not have that item in stock. I KNEW that. Somehow, I think that Folk-Legacy and some of the other, smaller companies wouldn't have responded that way.
In defense of Rounder, I also have to say I was very impressed to see a vice president from Rounder at a house concert in California, and they certainly have done a lot to promote a wide variety of folk and "roots" music.
Arhoolie and Folk Era are two other labels that make a good contribution, and there are many others. But nobody has ever been as nice to me on phone orders as Caroline Paton at Folk-Legacy.
-Joe Offer-