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Posted By: Jande
11-Jun-01 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: What do you read ?
Subject: RE: BS: What do you read ?
Hmmm... the last few books I've read in the last month or so...

SF/F: The Unicorns of Balinor series ( Mary Stanton --8 books so far)[currently re-reading with James & Lissa]

Dolphins of Pern

Jane Yolan's Pit Dragon series (3 novels)

I, Robot (Asimov, of course)

The Naked Sun (also Asimov)[currently reading with James]

The Silmarillion (JRRT)[currently reading]

Everything I can get my hands on by Pratchett [Currently rereading Fifth Elephant]

The Star Wars trilogy (all in one paperback)

Anything by Hesperis!

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Angency (Douglas Adams)

HHGTTG (Douglas Adams)

Three Howard the Duck superhero comic books. ;`)

Non SF/F:

Trustee In The Toolroom (Nevil Shute)

No Highway (Nevil Shute)

Beyond the Black Stump (Nevil Shute)

The whole Brother Cadfael series (Ellis Peters --about 20 books?)


Ain't I a Woman? (Anthology by women from around the world)

Voices/Noises (Raphael Baretto-Rivera)


D&D Players Handbook ~ Third Edition

Teach Yourself Visual C++ In 24 Hours

Modern Recording Techniques ~ Fourth Edition

The Elegant Universe ~Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory.(Brian Greene)[Current Bathroom Book]

We have three bathrooms. Every one of them is piled with Pratchetts. What a commentary on his work! [chuckle] I guess that's it for lately.. All I can remember anyway.

Another of my favourite series is "The Three Musketeers" about 6 books IIRC, including "Twenty Years After", "The Man In The Iron Mask". Brilliant, exciting books by Alexandre Dumas, as well as his Count Of Monte Christo but get that in it full unabridged version.

LOL! I just found an online copy of CoMC right here. 118 Chapters of it. (They also have the whole of Dickens' Bleak House, as well as others. Cool!)

I also love to reread "Les Miserables" (Victor Marie Hugo ~two books) from time to time.

Amergin, I'm grateful for the information about the "The People" anthology! Those books saved my life back when I was a tortured child. I only ever got "The People, No Different Flesh" and "The Anything Box".

It's great to see so many people here that read the same kinds of books that I do... Good thread, john in hull!

~ Jande