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Posted By: Art Thieme
05-Dec-98 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Bok/Trickett/Muir query
Subject: RE: Bok/Trickett/Muir query
Gordon's CD company is Timberhead Music; you can search for that and I'll bet you'd find a TBM site of sorts. Also, Sandy and Caroline Paton have issued wonderful CDs culled from their FOLK LEGACY LPs. If you buy 'em, they might put together the cash to reissue my two LPS there on CD! (I've still got a box o' vinyl that we use as a doorstop.)

One of my favorites of the Folk Legacy LPs Gordon did (now on CD from Timberhead ) is what was a 2 LP set called ANOTHER LAND MADE OF WATER. It was way underappreciated, but needs SERIOUS listening for the hearer to be pulled into this poetic and appropriately vague word and music picture of life forms here and now semi-lost in the sea mists of antiquity and myth.

Another one that Gordon and his friends in Maine did is on cassette only, I believe. Called "THE PLAY OF THE LADY ODIVERE", it's a marvelous reworking of the seal-into-folks (and back again) legends (Silkies) that's simply transporting!

Sorry if this seems like a blatant plug. I'm just telling you all about some of the less heard creations of this fine chronicler of water legends. Some are actual legends---some are creations out of whole cloth. (Saying that, I'm reminded of the fellow who was asked if he told lies! He answered, "Well, I don't exactly lie; I just remember things that never happened!!")

Try it; you'll like it.

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