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Posted By: Burke
17-Apr-01 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: Non-music....Why,oh why, oh why?
Subject: RE: Non-music....Why,oh why, oh why?
I think John is objecting to people like gnu & me who do not sign our posts & use fake names in our handles. I'm not going to go into my reasons for doing it, but I will point out that unless there is a possibility of actually meeting a person it makes no difference if I use the name Burke or my legal name. I may have had illusions of not having to deal with consequences of what I say here in real life, but I cannot discuss the things I really care about without beginning to give clues as to my identity to those who may actually know me. While I am trying to sheild myself to a certain degree, the fact is that I have met Susan & when I have exchanged PM's I have signed my name. I'm planning to go to Susan's gathering. I'll be at Old Songs & if there's a Mudcat gathering I have 2 choices. I can skip the gathering & preserve my anonymity or I can go & meet everyone. Even if I still just say I'm Hi, I'm Burke I'll still be bearing the consequences of whatever I may have said here.

John, from your earlier post, I think I know why this pseudo anonymousnous bothers you. I am more familiar with that situation than I'll discuss here. I just want you to know that the people who did & still do come in for the most bile have had the opportunity to meet in the flesh & do know who it is.