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Posted By: Big Mick
17-Apr-01 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: Goodbye Nana....
Subject: RE: Goodbye Nana....
Brett, I will go to the hill and play the Low D in celebration of this woman's life and the effect it had on yours. Strong women in the lives of men are all that stop of from destroying one another. What a wonderful legacy she has given you that you are able to let her live on in this way. Her voice will never be lost so long as you continue to give it substance. That is a wonderful and grave responsibility and I believe you are up to it. Now it is up to you to stay aware and find the next one to pass it to. Well done, kindred spirit.

Andrea..........what can I say to you other than it is a rare moment when we are allowed to see our loved ones off on the next leg of the journey. It is hard and full of questions, yet in the long view it is a glimpse of one of the great mysteries. Capture if you can, the great depth of feeling, the great mix of emotion, that you felt at that moment. And then sing. It is another piece of the puzzle.

All the best for the both of you and your families,