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Posted By: John Hardly
15-Apr-01 - 07:31 AM
Thread Name: Non-music....Why,oh why, oh why?
Subject: RE: Non-music....Why,oh why, oh why?
"What I think I'm asking is,are we non-people to flamers/trolls therefore what's said can't matter ( in which case why bother?)...or have we ( by which I mean any forum) assumed super-status and become the important reality in their lives..therefore would the normal instinct not be to want to be a constructive part of this forum?"

Here's my cop-out answer. (We're) both. The anonymity they feel foisted upon them, they can't help but want to retaliate and express the degree to which they think (wish) us anonymous. Of course they'd RATHER be accepted--they just don't know how that would express itself (for instance, I think they lack the understanding of just HOW MUCH EVERYONE'S POSTS ARE IGNORED)

I do think ignoring their posts is the best recourse though it is interesting that in a LARGE forum like this one, it also has a reinforcing effect. Maybe I should say that, if my initial theory holds water, it's the ignoring of their posts that began the behavior in the first place.

Additionally, don't forget that there are two very distinct types of "ignoring" that go on here regularly. There is the PASSIVE type that is just the lack of acknowlegement of posts that don't interest us (major cause--long posts like this!).

Then there is the real flame producing--ACTIVE IGNORING, caused by the excessive amount of people here who post without reading through the previous posts to see if the point they wish to make has already BEEN made. When THEY post they might as well just shit on the head of the poster with the original thought (if they don't AKNOWLEDGE THE PREVIOUS POST!!).

In any group it is just as hard to be accepting of new blood as it is to break into the established group.

Again, just my observation. --JH