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Posted By: Bagpuss
14-Apr-01 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: MC.Personalities. Cyber, & in the flesh.
Subject: RE: MC.Personalities. Cyber, & in the flesh.
If the owner of this site wants it to be a site purely for the discussion of folk and blues music, then that is his right. And if he were to say so, then I would comply - and he could chuck out any members and delete any posts which were off topic.

None of this has happened, so I assume that he is happy for it to continue to be a big mish mash of what it is.

If you want just music threads, then there is the ever so difficult option of just reading those threads - its not hard to work out which they are.

You have a right to an opinion on how you think this site should be, but equally we have the right to think you are an arse for the way you go about expressing that wish.

If this site doesn't meet your high expectations, then go and set up your own site and play with yourself there.