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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
14-Apr-01 - 10:08 AM
Thread Name: Tech: website building
Subject: RE: website building
Mike - I made my first website with Microsoft Publisher because it was loaned to me. It got me started, but as Jon says, it adds a lot of unnecessary HTML. Also, I found updating and making changes hard to do (possibly because I didn't understand the code). For design purposes I found understanding tables to be the most helpful trick.

Cobble - I wanted to do my own graphics, especially reduce the size of pictures and play with I finally broke down and bought Paint Shop Pro (~$70). Haven't regretted it. If you're putting lots of pictures (I personally have Yorkies!) I would suggest thumbnails on one page and then a link to the larger picture. You can adjust all these pictures with a graphics program. Also with the digital camera you can save the pictures various sizes. I read somewhere what the best size for web viewing was. As far as folk music...copy Barry Taylor's code! ;-) NOT HIS WONDERFUL SITE THOUGH!

Blackcatter - Can't help you, but I'm interested in your answers. I thought CGI scripts depended on what you ISP provided.????? I would just write my ISP folks and ask them. As far as the personality test, I've seen them on the web with instantaneous feedback. If you need a link, I'll find it.

Does anyone know of a good JavaScipt tutorial, and is it a good thing to know in addition to HTML?