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Posted By: Rick Fielding
13-Apr-01 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
Subject: RE: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
One other factor can be thrown into the mix. From the age of 15 til about 20, I played ONLY pretty traditional folk music. It filled a big hole in my life.

When it came time to "grow up" and earn a living, I had a real dilemma. I'd thrown away my ability to be disciplined in anything that wasn't enjoyable to me. I half-heartedly attempted to join the mainstream work-force, as a commercial artist, junior advertising guy, mailroom boy, accounts receivable flunky, and a half dozen other things. It simply didn't work. I couldn't even FAKE caring about whether the company I worked for (and my co-workers, sadly) lived or died. I felt completely hostile, and consequently was incompetent at even the most menial task.

Learning a broad repertoire of music and playing commercially for my living was the only option I felt I had. I didn't HATE the songs I sang for twenty years in bars, but alone in those Hotel rooms I played Leadbelly, and Riley Puckett.

If you DO like your day job, (I sure do NOW. I teach.) then there's no real neccessity to learn more than an extra five tunes to keep the family happy. The rest of the what you love!

Hey Jim, Bet there's a lot of us in that situation.