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Posted By: The Shambles
03-Nov-98 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: Folksongs Appropriate for a Wedding
This is probably not to be sung at a wedding and not to be taken too seriously but it is my latest baby and belongs to all of you at the Mudcat, for it was you who inspired it. It was one of those songs that appear to write themselves. It's out of my 'minimalist' period and has two chords, the 1st and 7th. The sub-title is... A Single Man's Second Thoughts.


I would like to say I love you but I just don't know
I would like a love that flowers but this just won't grow
I'm counting up the hours, they run so slow
I would like to say I'll miss you but you just won't go

CHORUS: I just can't seem to see the wood from the trees
You won't find me at my best at moments like these
It's not the ground that's shaking. It's just my knees
I'm standing at the altar, Lord help me please

I say that there's no water at the bottom of this well
It maybe smells of roses but I've lost my sense of smell
I would like to say it's special but I can't tell
I would like to say it's heaven but it feels like hell. CHORUS

I'm just try to tell you everything's gone wrong
But you just carry on singing that same old song
You don't know what you've got until it's gone
I know what I got and I know it don't belong. CHORUS

They say that a good woman may turn water into wine
I think maybe somebody must have left the cork in mine
All the things you're saying only come out as a whine
But when you're far away, you will sound just fine. CHORUS