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11-Apr-01 - 11:07 PM
Thread Name: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
Subject: RE: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
If you're a professional, you play the kind of music that the audience wants you to, within reason. They are paying your bills, and, if you're a real pro, you can make it quite enjoyable for both of you.
If the audience wants to har Home on the Range, sing it, and by the weay, the second third and fourth verses are remarkably good poetry. This goes for a lot of songs that most people only know the first verse to. There are, for instance 5 verses to "Nellie Gray"If you find a book with all 5 verses, prepare yourself in advance to be smitten by this collosal tragedy. I don;t mind telling you that I broke down and cried like a baby the first time I tried to sing it.