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Posted By: Little Neophyte
11-Apr-01 - 07:45 PM
Thread Name: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
Subject: RE: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
The problem I ran into is the fact I am just starting to learn old-time music so I haven't been playing anything else but. I want to get a good grasp of that old-timey stuff which may take me a few years. So, last November I put everything else aside I was working on and focused only on developing my clawhammer, and now I want to narrow down to learn a particular style of clawhammer and particular tunes from a particular area of West Virginia. The problem now is when someone wants to hear me play my banjo and they don't want to hear the old-time tunes I am working on, it is not like I have a treasure chest of folk tunes under my belt. I've been playing the banjo for 2 years.
So last weekend I struggled somewhat because my repertoire on basic folk tunes is very weak. Yet, at the same time I want to narrow in and really learn the West Virginia music. It does create a delemma for me. From what I experienced last weekend and what I am reading on these posting here, it confirms to me I must set some time aside that is not just solely devoted to learning the old-time tunes. If I had my way, that is the only thing I want to learn right now.
But at the same time, I would like to share my music in a way that will make others happy. That is important too.
Thats okay, but when you are just learning something, it feels like I will never get where I want to go if I have to thin myself out so much by learn everything all at once to make everybody happy.
It feels like a tall order.