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Posted By: Justa Picker
11-Apr-01 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
Subject: RE: To Play What You Like or What They Want.
Well when I get together with my family, they never ask me to play (so consider yourself blessed that your family ASKED you to play for them.) I am the only musical person in mine. On those rare occasions when I have brought a guitar along, I played what I wanted to play, but of course when it comes to appreciating live music my parents and siblings have the attention span of a knat. I get about 30 seconds into something, and they all unanymously exclaim "that's nice", so I've given up on them.

What kills me, is that they play my recordings over and over again from MP3s I've sent them, and they play them for all their friends too. Yet when presented with an opportunity to hear me play a few things for them in person, all I get is complete apathy, or my father shouting "who in their right mindt vood pay 4 tousindt dollars for a piece of wood mit strings on it?"