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Posted By: catspaw49
11-Apr-01 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: I'll never learn mandolin because....
Subject: RE: I'll Never Learn Mandolin Because.....
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! Man oh man.......did you ever hit the nail on the head!!!!...............and I never realized it til now, which is really funny (and shows just how dumb I really am).

I guarantee I am worse than you are Bedubya as I claim the title worst can only be applied to me. I realize that I can't practice the things I should to improve technique because as much as I love the thing in a group, I hate it by itself! Soooo..........instead of working on the real stuff, I'm chucking in a CD within minutes!!! Like you, I love Hammered and it is still a fine stand alone as is guitar and most others, but somehow, mandos just don't "get it" by themselves. Its really self defeating too since to play with a group you need the technique that you get only marginally by playing along with a CD. Kinda' reminds me of Professor Harold Hill's "Think System" in The Music Man in a way...........

Thanks for the enlightenment!!!! Maybe now that I realize it, I can do something about it.