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Posted By: reggie miles
03-Apr-01 - 12:50 AM
Thread Name: Vancouver Folk Festival Thoughts/Advice
Subject: RE: Vancouver Folk Festival Thoughts/Advice
I've only had one opportunity to visit the VFMF. It was years ago. I took a bus up from Seattle and was one of the few passengers that was hauled off the bus at the border and grilled by the authorities as to my reason for traveling to Canada that day. They asked about how much money I was carrying. Then they asked to see the money and wanted me to count it out for them. That didn't make me feel very welcome but I stayed my course and got to the festival. Do you think they were suspicious of me because I brought along my 1929 Maytag Eldorado Rhythm Board (washboard precussion and sound effects gizmo)? I just thought I might have a chance to jam with some folks while I was there. The washboard was a hit with the kids there. After playing for a small group of about 15 or 20 I tried to bid them good day and they chased after me. I ran clear across the grounds with my washboard held over my head being pursued by these crazed, out of control children. It was silly, fun and a little scary. I guess they couldn't get enough. Late in the evening while playing and dancing along with the hundreds of others on the outskirts of one of the large stage performances I did as many others did. I set my shoulder bag on the ground. When I turned to pick it up, I found it missing. It had been taken by someone. There wasn't much inside, a book I was reading and some harmonicas. I found what was left, after inquiring with lost and found the next day, just the book and the bag. One of the few times I've ever had anything stolen. I had a great time just the same. I'd like to go back again. I figure them kids are probably too old by now to care about chasing a guy with a wacky washboard across the grounds and this time I think I'll hang on to my shoulder bag. Maybe I'll saw ya there this year.