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Posted By: okthen
28-Mar-01 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Smoking Update
Subject: RE: BS: No Smoking Update
Inspired by Nutty's original post (dec.13) I resolved to quit on Jan. 1st. I had quit using patches a couple of years ago and thought "I can do this any old time" 2nd time around even with patches it wasn't so easy.

I started using zyban on 11th Jan, and stopped smoking on 16th Jan. I had a couple in the first week or two but it was hard work. I can't honestly remember the last ciggy I had, but took my last pill on Fri.9th March.

I am told that I'm really lucky my doctor believed in prescribing zyban, many in the UK think it's too expensive.

There was a thread recently about 2nd chances, this is mine, I don't think I'll get a third. jeffp good luck, make it work for you too, but you have to go halfway to help it.

I was really s p a c e d out during the course and could happily watch paint dry, or muse on the beauty of doorknobs, I haven't taken a pill for nearly 3 weeks, so it should be waring off soon shouldn't it (?)

Anyway, I'll be away with the fairies now,