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Posted By: Wolfgang
27-Mar-01 - 05:14 AM
Thread Name: German Mudcatters get-together Part 2
Subject: RE: German Mudcatters get-together Part 2
some individual comments:

Letty: bring the sleeping bag or would you like to drive back to Bochum at two in the morning??

Mudguard: I'll be looking for the nearer of the two streets you have mentioned. I don't know them.

Eric: I'll recommend a route (routes) later. As for the guided walk, Saturday afternoon would be my personal choice, but Sunday morning also sounds fine (there might be an additional reason on sunday morning for a walk)

mcmmo: I remember you said you have a bit of a knowledge of Germman? Go to the webpage of Muenster (see above), click 'Touristik' then click 'Übernachten' and you'll have a list of hotels. Close to my place are 'Frönd', 'Hotel Europa', Windsor'. Not listed but nearest is 'Scho' (200 yards). The cheapest near here is 'Haus vom guten Hirten'(a former monastery). The service is now a bit better than at monastery times, but not much. Don't mind posting again if you want some more help.

By the way, there is a town map of Muenster on the website (not particularly easy to find), that'll make my task of describing the way much easier.

More later.