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Posted By: Naemanson
23-Mar-01 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: Songs about retirement / for a retirement party
Subject: RE: Searching For Retirement Songs
Thanks Tinker, I'd like to see the lyrics for those Shel Silverstein songs. I have a soft part in my head, er... heart for Shel.

Let's take this in another direction. Many of the retirement songs focus on age and slowing down and the negative side of retirement. Lets get some songs that focus on the up side of life. Maybe some songs about her hobbies and life.

She is spiritual so any spiritual song will do. I have access to tons of those.

She is a photographer, specializing in wildlife pohtography. She especially loves bears and her walls are covered with pictures of them including some rather heartstopping closeups (and, no, there was no telephoto lens used).

She loves to travel and will be doing more of that. She just came home from a trip to Ecuador where she was photographing Sea Lions and was bitten by one (in the butt!)

She loves to go sea kayaking.

She's in her mid sixties and single if there are any special guys out there looking for a mate. She's shopping around... (That's SHOPPing!)