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Posted By: SINSULL
16-Mar-01 - 08:56 PM
The evening started simply enough. I heard a recording, decided to try to pick it out on my autoharp, and then...Do these damn things ever stay in tune. Elderly's catalog says that they tune it before shipping and it may need a "little" adjustment when it arrives. Mine needs adjusting if I stop to answer the phone.
Anyway, out came the Chromatic Tuner and of course the batteries were dead. AAA batteries are not a stock item in my household so a trip to the local store was required. Broke a nail opening the tuner to change the batteries. The usual #@#@!$#@&&&$@##! Then proceeded to pluck strings. Had to change locations when a car alarm in the street started interfering with the tuner. Had to change locations again when the cat started interfering with the tuner. The "D" string refused to register on the tuner so I tightened it ever so slightly...still no register. So I tightened it again ever so slightly...fourth try the string snapped, tearing a nail off to the quick and lashing me in the face. So now I have a useless autoharp, two broken nails, a scratched chin, and a bad attitude.
My question to you all is "Will the four string banjo be any easier and less life threatening to tune? Or should I try the harmonica?"
Thank you for listening. I am now writing a parody called "Blood On The Keyboard" to commemmorate the event.