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Thread Name: Lyr Add: Parody:Witch of the West (Rennie Levine)
Subject: Lyr Add: Parody:Witch of the West (Rennie Levine)
As per request of Joe Offer, here are the lyrics to the awesome "Witch of the Westmorland" parody, "Witch of the West" by New York filker Rennie Levine (1954-2018)

(Rennie Levine)

Pale was the Kansas girl before the farmhouse door.
Loud and cruel were the witch’s cries as her sister’s corpse she saw,
Saying, “Who killed my sister, East? Were you the one did dare?
There’s none but the Witch of the West who can her ruby slippers wear!”

“Oh turn, turn, the twister sped as my house flew in the wind,
And the rider of the broom went by and beneath the house was pinned.
And clear was the paley moon when her shadow passed me by --
Below the house were your sister’s feet when the house fell from the sky.”

And green-was-the witch’s jealous heart as the ruby shoes she sought
Appeared on the feet of the Kansas girl as Glinda’s spell was wrought.
And green was the witch’s face and red her fiery eyes
And black-was-the robe and the hat she wore, and raucous were her cries.

Saying, “Why do you ride this way, and wherefore do you roam?”
“I seek the Wizard of Oz,” she said, “to help me get back home.
And it’s follow, follow, follow on the yellow brick roadway
‘Til I reach the Emerald City where the Wizard of Oz does stay.”

“So you killed my sister, East!” In to a rage she flew.
“Oh, I’ll get you, my pretty one, and your little doggie too!”
She shook her broom above her head as the fearful words she spoke;
Then she disappeared into the air in a jet-black cloud of smoke.

So the girl found a man of straw and a woodsman made of tin
And a lion to escort her to the Emerald City green,
And they fol-lowed the yellow brick, passed through the magic wood,
And they skipped across a field to where the Emerald City stood.

And loud, long and shrill the cries of the folk who lived inside --
High overhead, the witch she flew and swiftly she did ride,
Writing words in a trail of smoke: “Surrender Dorothy!”
So to the Wizard of Oz they went, the maiden and the three.

He said, “I-am-the Great and Powerful Oz, and I know what you will ask,
And I’ll consider your requests if you perform a task.”
He said, “Course well, you pilgrim friends, and fetch me the witch’s broom. witch’s
And I’ll GRANT you three the boons you seek and I’ll send the maiden home.”
So it’s up to the castle grim the foursome went as planned,
And a pail of water they cast in where the Witch of the West did stand.
And wet fell she to the ground. “I’m melting,” bellowed she,
And formed a puddle of jet-black clothes and there WAS no more body.

So to the Wizard they returned with the Wicked Witch’s broom,
In time to see him fly away in a hot air-filled balloon.
Then a golden bubble landed nigh and Glinda did appear;
She comforted the Kansas girl and wiped away her tears.

She said, “Pray soothe your sorrowful heart; lay down your burden sore.
For I see by the ruby shoes you wear that you need not worry more.”
And she stood in a gown of satin blue, a crown on her golden mane
“Just click your slippers once and twice and three times round again.

“And repeat slowly after me: ‘There is no place like home,’
And you’ll return from whence you came and never more will roam.”
She said, “Stay with your little dog at heel in your Kansas farm homeland.
There’s none can harm the one who’s slain the Witch of the West by hand.”

Witch of the West lyrics © 1992 Rennie Levine, TTO “Witch of the Westmorland”