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Posted By: Felipa
10-Aug-21 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Songs of Mordecai Gebirtig (1877-1942)
Subject: ADD: Noch a Glezele Tey (Mordecai Gebirtig)
a song posted elsewhere in Mudcat by Joe Fineman :

"In the Yiddish song "NOCH A GLEZELE TEY" (Another Little Cup of Tea) by M. Gebirtig, the husband & pregnant wife are arguing over whose side of the family to name the baby after. After a good deal of sarcasm & indignation, the wife says, there's no point in arguing -- I'm going to name him after my grandfather. The husband says, right, there's no point in arguing -- maybe it will be twins (both girls)."

Subject: Lyr Add: NOCH A GLEZELE TEY (Yiddish)
From: Joe_F - PM
Date: 24 Aug 17 - 10:01 PM

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-- in both of which I mention "Noch a glezele tey" (Another little cup of tea), a Yiddish conversation-song that I never got around to posting. It's about time:

Words & music by M. Gebirtig

Berele mayn libinker, ch'ob tus dir a bakoshe.
-- Perele mayn libinke, vos iz day bakoshe?
-- Ven mit mazl ich vel hobn a yingele in freydn,
Vil ich undzer kind zol heysn noch may frumen zeydn.
-- Farvos epis noch dayn zeydn? Ch'ob doch oych a deye.
Host doch ersht gehat a meydl noch dayn bobe leye.

Berele, mayn manele, ch'vil dich epes dermonen.
-- Perele, mayn vaybele, vos vilstu mich dermonen?
-- Du fargest, az undzer leybke heyst shoyn noch dayn zeydn,
Farvos kloybstu zich di yungen, varfst mir tsu di meydn?
-- Un du fargest az noch dayn tatn heyst doch undzer nochem,
Er iz derfar in im gerotn -- nisht kayn groyser chochem.

Berele, mayn tayerer, ch'vil dir epes zogn.
-- Perele, mayn tayere, vos vilstu mir zogn?
-- Vos-zhe darf men itst zich krign, lomir nor delebn,
Vel ich davke noch mayn zeydn s'kind a nomen gebn.
-- Vos-zhe take itst zich grign, un umzist tsu reydn,
Efsher vet gor zayn a tsviling -- s'ken gor zayn tsvey meydn.


Berele, my dear, I've a favor to ask of you.
-- Perele, my darling, what is it you want?
With God's will, when I give birth to a little boy,
I'd like to name him after my pious grandfather.
-- After your grandfather? It seems to me
That we just named one of our girls after your grandmother Leah.

Berele, dear husband, let me remind you now
-- Perele, dear wife, what do you wish to remind me of?
You forgot that our son Leybke bears _your_ grandfather's name.
Why do you pick all the boys and leave the girls for me?
-- But you forget that our Nochem was named after _your_ father.
Perhaps that's why he's not so smart, since he takes after him.

Berele, my dear one, I want to tell you something.
-- Perele, my darling, what do you want to say?
-- Why must we quarrel now? We might as well wait,
Since I intend to name the child after my grandfather anyway.
-- True, there's no point in arguing so much ahead of time.
Perhaps it will be twins at that, and both of them girls.

Hulyet, Hulyet, Kinderlekh another Mudcat discussion, in which Joe Offer posted lyrics of a Gebirtig song, and also biographical information