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Posted By: Steve Shaw
02-May-21 - 12:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
So someone who genuinely can't wear a mask is confined to quarters? Sheesh... And the other thing is that you seem to be assuming that not wearing a mask is THE cause of the spread. Well I disagree. The reasons this is a global pandemic is that international travel has been allowed, and don't get me started on lax procedures in shops, public transport and care homes. This virus spreads from country to country via international travel and from person to person when lots of people congregate in crowded places. Round here, everyone complies with the mask-wearing obligation. But mask-abuse is the norm. A paper mask used for day after day. Ill-fitting masks. Mask stowed under the chin. Noses scratched through a mask or sticking out over the top of the mask. Discarded mask litter everywhere. Mask wearers thinking that keeping your distance doesn't matter as long as your mask is on.

It's notable that island countries with sparse populations (Australia, New Zealand) have been only lightly affected. Also, they have been very strict apropos of their borders. Cornwall, where I live, is a big county with a small population. Our case numbers have consistently been been among the lowest in the country. Take a clue from all that. The occasional mask rebel you see (hardly any round here) probably isn't infected anyway. It would take an awful lot of mask rebels to pose much of a threat, even if masks did work. I don't think masks do much good at all and I haven't seen strong evidence to the contrary. I am not even remotely a mask rebel, not because I don't think that masks are almost useless but because I don't want to make anyone I encounter in a shop to feel insecure.