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Posted By: radriano
01-Mar-01 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: HELP! Need a song about peace!!!
Subject: ADD: Peace Must Come
There's a great non-religious song called Peace Must Come. It was written, I believe, by a guy from New Zealand. I'm tracking the author down and will post his name. It is in the DT as Over And Over Again where it is credited to an Englishwoman that Bob Walser met/knows? I used to sing this and it has been recorded by the author and by John McCormick (local California singer). I'll post the lyrics I have because they're a bit different from what's in the DT.

Peace Must Come

Many's the time I heard the bells chime
To bring the people to pray on a sunny Sunday
Blessed are the meek for the peace that they seek
Over and over again

Over again, oh, over again
Say it, pray it, over again
Over again, oh, over again
Peace must come

From way out in space the world is our place
A pinpoint of light whose people still fight
They smile and shake hands, then make weapons and plans
To do battle all over again

It it really so hard to lower your guard
And admit to the greed of more than we need
The words on the wall are familiar to all
I've been reading them over again

(repeat first verse)