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Posted By: Erlend
08-Oct-98 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: Mandolin help
Subject: RE: Mandolin help
Hey Paul! Here are some advices on right hand technique. The plectrum/pick should be fairly stiff, about 0,80 mm +/- depending on what type of plastic it's made of. Hold the index and the thumb very close to the picking edge. You should not hit the strings directly with the flat side of the pick, because this will make a slapping noice. Try to make a few degrees angle between the pick and the strings. The larger the angle is, the easier it is to pick, but you loose some sound. Do also make certain thatt the strings are not too old. You should change the strings at least every second month if you're playing daily, and maybe you should wash your fretboard if it's filled with grease.