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Posted By: Charmion
03-Dec-20 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
“Standard” transmission ain’t standard any more, so I prefer to call it “manual”.

In fact, I still drive a Volkswagen even after the cheatin’ diesel affair (which affected us) because they are the only builders of semi-affordable cars that put manual transmissions in their top-of-the-line models. I refuse to pony up for an Audi, a Beemer or a Merc, or anything built (and priced) as a sports car, so that leaves the Golf. Fortunately, it’s well designed for what I want a car for, and does not attract the wrong kind of attention.

Back in the 90s, I drove a 1986 “classic” diesel Golf. It was white, and I kept it in pretty good nick, and I habitually drove it anywhere between 10 and 20 kph above the speed limit. I had an interesting conversation one day with a highway cop (Ontario Provincial Police) who told me that, in that car, I could probably bomb down the 401 at Mach 3 and get away with it. “Hmm. Volks diesel, middle-aged lady driver. Nothin’ doin’ there.”

The movers are on their way. Hurrah!