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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
15-Nov-20 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

SRS! Did I neglect to remind you to wear a mask when dusting! Why I use a damp cloth where possible. And rarely dust! My fear of inhaling it greatly exceeds my need to have a clean looking house! And vacuuming just blow it around! If I feel the need to vacuum, I plan to leave home to let the dust settle.

C: What an incredible amount you have accomplished! Awesome! I used to manage that much energy...

Talked with R this am about using a corner of his "gonna be library" temporarily. Just for a wheel, shelves for ware in progress and table for wedging, etc. No progress is being made re shelves for books - just STUFF accumulating! The cellar was too claustrophobic. Lighting has to suit my peculiar brain. He seemed to be OK with it.

Very windy here; Will soon be getting C's rain! Hoping to get back to Beaver on Thursday, if R recovers from Dentist. Watching weather closely!

Maintaining 12 pound loss. Wood moving is good exercise. Brought in a bunch today to dry near stove. Dark, damp and forbidding out there! Keeping furnace about 68F. (I could turn it down a bit but R needs it.) A cube heater in bathroom (broken wall heater in there) and one on hand for TV room if R needs it; I wrap up. But colder weather will be here. There is a surfeit of prepared food in frig which must be eaten so R can choose his own when he gets home --- esp at 10PM! I put another container of soup into the freezer to save its life.

Did a store run about 7:30 last night; the place was fairly deserted, as in 1 person per aisle! Bought lots, including 2 boxes of Clif bars for R to take with him so he does not pull any more no-food-for-12-hours stunts. I may get a delivery of same stuff tomorrow! I spent time preparing an order for "free delivery" and, at the end was told "not valid". Sent a nasty email - for all the good it would do. But I see I ended it with "cancel email" rather than "cancel order"!! Received a itemized bill - with no charge on it for delivery - so I guess I will have lots of clif bars, etc. Nothing that does not keep. I usually use two bars per 5 hour drive and do not leave home with out a couple, just in case.

Will soon have an empty plastic, under the bed, bin for which to choose a new use. Almost everything it contained will be going to the shop. And WOW! brought knife holder from Mill in the last lot and when I took the knives out - That's where the good ones were! How wonderful to have knives that cut properly! I was at the point of try to buy a couple - big one, little one.

5 pm and dark as night! More wood on fire... This brick house prevents me from hearing that wind; I am so much more connected to the world at Beaver.